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Superpay 4

Download latest version (2024-25) (Superpay42000Setup.exe, 41MB)

If you use Microsoft SQL Server to store your Superpay data you may need SQL admin rights on the server when you run an update with a database conversion for the first time. The update before the latest conversion was 4.19.5

Superpay Operator's Guide to Automatic Pension Enrolment (pdf, 1.5Mb)
Guide to year end under RTI (2019) (pdf, 110Kb)
Superpay Operator's Guide to RTI (pdf, 1.5Mb)
Superpay Guide to RTI (pdf, 540Kb)

If you are installing Superpay 4 for the first time you will need a serial number to run it.

'Getting Started' manual (pdf, 1Mb).

Superpay 4 can create plain paper payslips, either on the printer or as PDF or XPS documents. Here are some samples: One up payslips.

You need either Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, or Windows 7.

Changes in this version:

1. Payrolls can be run for the 2024-25 tax year.

2. This update includes a database conversion. If you use Microsoft SQL Server for your Superpay data you may need to have SQL admin rights the first time you run this version.

CIS 2007 Module

Download CIS v3.0.1.50 (CIS07Setup30150.exe, 1.8Mb).

This program will not run without a serial number.

Download CIS 2007 manual (CIS07Manual.pdf, 1Mb).

Recent CIS changes (8 Dec 2020)

1. Allows sending returns for January 2022 onwards.