NI (all codes, director annual and alternate)


        Parental pay


        Student loan

        Pay intervals of 1, 2 or 4 weeks or 1, 3, 6 or 12 months in any combination

        Net to gross (total and incremental)

        Automatic Minimum Wage rates

        11 attachment types

        Car benefits

        Easy undo and rerun of payrolls

        All reports to paper, PDF, Excel, CSV, screen

        Email reports to clients

        Create payment files to upload to your bank

        Download and action HMRC notices (P6, P9, SL, NINO)

         Automatic transition to new tax year


        Full Payment Submission (FPS)

        Employer Payment Summary (EPS) for recovery or nil

        Year end, cessation

        Earlier Year Update (EYU) with automatic calculation of the adjustment needed

        Bulk filing for agents

         Report of outstanding items for filing

Pension Auto Enrolment

        Automatic lookup of staging dates

        Assessment of employees during run payroll

        Postponement and enrolment handled automatically

        Handle opt ins, joins, opt outs

         Employee letters

        NEST integration within Superpay

         File uploads for more than 30 pension providers



        Laser payslips (pre-printed, plain paper, PDF, security)

        Continuous payslips (1 or 2 part, security, mailer)

        P60's using HMRC forms or plain paper

         P45's on plain paper

         Email payslips, pension letters, P45's and P60's to employees

         Upload payslips to eDoc Deposit and Pay Dashboard


        Single or multiple companies, multiple tax years

        Full support by telephone or email

        Program updates

         Supports local or network data file, Microsoft SQL Server. Or store your data in the cloud with Azure